Women are gradually moving towards workforce involvement equality. Meanwhile, there are still some roadblocks when they pave a path towards tech industries. For instance, according to Entelo, women involved in the tech sector at the entry-level are 19%. A much lower percentage of female representatives holding executive posts (10%).

On the other hand, the number of women-led startups is on the rise. Crunchbase reports that the number of startups with female founders reached 20% in 2019 (10% growth since 2009). …

After launch in 2017, the GitOps approach has been gaining popularity worldwide. The demand for GitOps practices is evidently on the rise. According to IT Jobs Watch, the share of jobs requiring GitOps knowledge increased from 0.01% to 0.05% of all IT jobs advertised. Why is such a trend much needed by today’s developers?

In 2019 DORA report compared elite teams and low performers to show shocking statistics. Elite teams are 106 times faster and 208 times more efficient if to speak about frequent code deployment. The DevOps approach turned to be amid the catalysts to move a development team…

Today’s world regards time as of paramount importance. This said, the disruptive tech-enabled innovations are foremost meant to save both business owners’ and users’ time. The industry of software development is based upon the same postulates — the sooner means the better, provided that timely product deliverables are coupled with efficiency and convenience.
The Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices are among popular software engineering industry trends that help cut costs, time, and risks of changes delivering. …

No matter whether you are surfing online as a business user or a consumer, you’ll most likely run across customer-friendly AI-driven bots that support smooth communication. Here, in this article we’ll have a closer look at some intriguing points you may find useful. Although some concepts need more profound consideration, the article will be a good piece to start with.
This said, the key notions that open up the Chatbots topic are the following:

What are the chatbots?

Are chatbots still popular in 2021?

How can chatbots help business, namely real estate?

With these ideas in mind, let’s get started.

Since the times of its first release in 2015 followed by multiple commits on GitHub, Kubernetes (or K8s, for short) has been scoring points across industries and professional communities. And if the reasons behind the success of Kubernetes are crystal clear for software developers, DevOps and Data Science engineers, it is not that obvious for business owners.
Indeed, why transferring company’s application-related processes to Kubernetes has become a mainstay? To find this out, let’s go over and brush up on some key concepts driving the benefits K8s can bring about. …

Data analytics has manifested itself as pivotal in business, taking into consideration the fact of treating data as an asset. Data scientists claim that the digital universe will add fuel to the fire by a huge amount of information: 5200 gigabytes for every person by 2020. The challenge is that only 33 % of data can become valuable if being analyzed and managed in an appropriate way.

The growing popularity of implementing DataOps is a representative contemporary occurrence nowadays. Evidently, the mountains of data, produced every single minute, require professional evaluation and orchestration. To handle this problem numerous enterprises have…

DataOps: A new revolutionary trend to come in 2019

A great number of disruptive technology trends have appeared on the business horizon in recent years, and it is still counting in 2019. In fact, today’s popularity of DataOps being integrated into the corporate discourse speaks for itself. Just have a look at this zigzag graph with a frequency rate of the term’s usage, presented by Google Trends for 2019.

Data Science: The success formula

This is undoubtedly true that data science has burst into IT markets during the recent years. It is predicted to become one of the most widely-used methodologies the aim of which is to cope with the exponentially growing amount of information in the world.
Have you ever thought how much data is being produced this very moment? The 2018 numbers are thrilling: 2800 smartphones are sold, almost 50 thousand photos are posted on Instagram, around 4 million searches are conducted by Google, more than 18 million people request for weather forecast every minute. But what is more essential is what companies…

What is DataOps for businesses?

DataOps is gradually becoming the mainstay since it was first mentioned by Andy Palmer in 2015. It is getting great interest and much reception among those who work with data science, data analytics, data management, data usage and data value. The last point gains much traction across various industries. The reason lies on the surface: ‘value’ plays a key role, meaning money and profit while running any type of business.

“It finally feels like large organizations have embraced their “data debt” and are figuring out how to monetize their data. It helps when they realize that great analytics depend on…


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